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Help & Info about Logic Pro X for mac

  • What is Logic Pro X for Mac?

    Widely used by musicians and composers around the world, Logic X is a powerful music creation application developed by Apple Inc. In addition to facilitating the ability to record instruments and voices directly onto the program, music can also be created using a midi-keyboard alongside its astounding range of virtual instrument voices and loops.
  • What can Logic Pro X do that GarageBand can’t?

    Logic Pro X is essentially an advanced version of GarageBand, and both are based around an uncannily similar interface. While they may appear identical, Logic Pro X is packed with a number of extra features, such as infinitely more software instruments. Other minor extras – including the Arpeggiator button – help maximise creative output, taking production to the next level.
  • Can you master on Logic Pro X for Mac?

    The idea behind mastering is to gain maximum loudness for a finished track, providing the final touches to a mix. While Logic Pro X provides the tools to quickly master a musical project, it is by no means a substitute for professional mastering services for achieving such a sense of completedness.
  • Can you use VST Plugins in Logic Pro X for Mac?

    Logic Pro X comes equipped with an expansive selection of plugins, ranging from effects to instrumentation and everything in-between. It is, however, not designed to function with plugins by other developers, such as those in VST format. With that said, there are many third-party utilities available that get around this.
  • What are the system requirements for Logic Pro X for Mac?

    Users will need a system running macOS X 10.12 or above operating system with 4GB of RAM. 6GB free disk space is recommended for the minimum installation, whereas up to 63GB is required when installing the complete Sound Library. The equivalent of an Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card is also necessary.
  • What is a Logic Pro X ‘template’?

    Logic Pro X comes loaded with a vast selection of templates which significantly speeds up the process of musicmaking. Logic’s own templates do not only include a selection of software instruments and audio tracks, but also contain predefined project properties, including tempo and time and key signatures. It is also possible to make and save custom templates.
  • What is a ‘bus’ on Logic Pro X for Mac?

    Opting to utilise a bus on Logic Pro essentially creates an auxiliary channel, where audio is sent from any given channel. Busses can also be used as a routing option to move an audio signal from a track into a sidechain output of a plugin on a different track in the same project.
  • What is ‘Prelisten’ on Logic Pro X for Mac?

    Prelisten is a playback option when in the Audio File Editor. This is an audio channel strip which appears next to the highest-numbered audio channel strip in any given project. Utilising the Prelisten enables users much more control when listening back to a loop rather than having to rely solely on the volume slider at the bottom of the screen.
  • What is ‘normalize’ in Logic Pro X for Mac?

    Normalization is the process of raising a digital signal to the highest peak in volume, which is useful to apply before moving onto the next stage of the mixing process, such as EQing. Normalizing a track is a quick process, requiring one click, and it provides a useful alternative to compression.
  • What is ‘Flex Time’ in Logic Pro X for Mac?

    Flex Time is a tool which enables users to make out-of-time audio conform with the correct rhythm of any given song. This is especially useful when tracking live instruments. For instance, If the feel of a song is correct but the rhythm is not as tight as it should be, Flex Time helps with amending sections of a track.


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